Attentive, Individualized Dental Care: For the Best Experience and Your Most Beautiful Smile!

There is a trend in dentistry toward large, multi-practitioner practices that have a large staff and high turnover. These practices tend to be profit-driven, with an emphasis on quantity over quality.

Ours is a different type of dental office. Having rejected the idea of assembly-line care, we are intentionally small, with one doctor, one location, and a tight-knit, stable staff.

Dr. Rea Corley and our team get to know our patients on a personal level. We enjoy learning about each person’s life, family, and interests, and keeping up on changes in their lives.

For us, dentistry is about caring for people. Though we want each patient to have a healthy smile, how we help them achieve that result is based on what the person wants and expects, as well as their concerns. By taking time to ask insightful questions and really listen to the answers, we gain insight into how to serve the individual best, without upselling services or pressuring them into treatment they don’t want.

At Rea Corley Dentistry, we treat every person who walks into our office not only as we would wish to be treated, but as we would treat our own family. Through compassion, empathy, and kindness, people learn we care about them and their well-being. This helps build trusting personal and professional relationships, and empowers us to serve them in the manner they deserve.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Dr. Corley and our team members are experienced professionals. We stay at the forefront of advances in dentistry through ongoing education, incorporating the best new options into patient care.

Beyond our professionalism, we are all warm and personable. We thrive on the relationships we build with those in our care and are honored to be of service to La Jolla and the greater San Diego community.

As a team we promise always to:

  • Maintain a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment, where you feel at ease and assured you’re in caring, competent hands
  • Provide ethical treatment recommendations, based on your clinical concerns and desired results, and thoroughly review options up front, so you can make informed decisions about your oral health
  • Offer personalized dental health guidance about nutritional and behavioral changes you can make to improve and maintain your healthiest smile
  • Listen to and engage with you with respect, encouraging you to be an active participant in your dental health
  • Ensure visits and procedures are free of stress and pain, taking our time to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout
  • Utilize advanced technologies for detailed diagnostics, treatment planning, and treatment

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We welcome the opportunity to start a conversation with you at our La Jolla, CA dental office. No pressure or sales pitch, we promise! Instead, we’ll start to get to know one another, discuss your dental desires and concerns, and together create a treatment plan to get you to the beautifully healthy, one-of-a-kind smile you deserve.

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